This is Wusoup

A private community of:

quirky people
that want to chat
with other cool people.
No ads, assholes, dating, or bullshit.

Serendipity, the app

So how do we meet interesting people outside our usual social circles? Luck, mostly.

Wusoup's here to give your odds a nudge. It's all about chance encounters with friendly strangers. Because life's too short, and a lot more fun with interesting friends.

Awesome people, near you

Wusoup can use your location to find other folks near you (if you like). So whether you're travelling, in a new town, or just looking to make some new friends outside your usual social circles, Wusoup can help.

Yup, they're actually awesome

Wusoup has a rock-solid karma system tuned for messaging. Someone bugging you? Discreetly block them. You'll never see them again, and you'll help other users steer clear.

Strictly no dating

Want a hookup app? Try Tinder.

Wusoup users are here looking for good conversation, maybe friendship.

So on Wusoup (as in real life), there's no relationship status labels and no way to filter users by gender, age, location, or whether they like Chinese food.

Wusoup's not about objectives, it's about being open to real-life serendipity. Awimbawe.

Seriously though, being creepy will get you kicked.

Meet someone you want to talk to

Meeting someone new's often more fun when you've got something in common. So Wusoup knows what you're into and helps you find others with similar hobbies or interests.

Some of today's top tags:

Wusoup learns what you care about

What made Google so special? A breakthrough algorithm that rethought the way that search engines could work.

At the heart of Wusoup likewise lies the Wugorithm, a unique machine-learning algorithm that actually inspired the development of Wusoup. It weaves together karma, interests, and the subtle way that users interact with one another.

Net effect? Wusoup literally learns who you like chatting to and helps you find other similar folks.

This actually works, it's pretty crazy.

For the love of good conversation

Chat rooms and groups have their place, but really getting to know someone often works best when it's just you and them. So Wusoup rocks good old-timey 1-on-1 text chat ftw.

Your privacy matters

Use your real name, or a nickname. Share your age/location/gender, or keep them private. Wusoup lets you easily choose your own level of anonymity. And no need to fight the defaults: everything's private unless you say otherwise.

Conversations are auto pruned and you can completely nuke all your data at any time.

No ads, no share toolbars, no bullshit

Seriously, when did the the internet start becoming so scummy?

Wusoup doesn't make money from ads, or selling your information, or trying to get you addicted to dodgy in-app purchases. It's supported by users who want to support it, because they like it and believe in it.

So communism, basically.

Oh that sexy lack of ambition

When you're not trying to be everything to everyone (hi Facebook!), you can make some interesting choices.

Like choosing to stay small, friendly, and focused.

So Wusoup's a web chat app, not a social network. It's a small community of high quality users, not a race for user numbers.

And at 10k users, Wusoup will be going invite-only with a hard cap at 50k active users (inactive accounts will be auto pruned).

A delusional passion project,
possibly fueled by cocaine

Wusoup's being made by a real "person" that's been single-handedly hacking on this idea for over 7 actual years.

I may be a little un-hinged. Also, I'm on Wusoup so feel free to say hi :-)

Wusoup's probably not for you if:

✗ You want a dating/hookup app

Wusoup's really not a dating/hookup app. This isn't one of those oh-it's-not-a-hookup-site-wink-wink things, Wusoup make a bad dating site. It's been designed specifically to make life difficult for people trying to use it that way.

There's enough other places online if you're looking for that kind of thing; Wusoup's a refuge for the rest of us.

✗ You want to filter who you see

Wusoup's about spontaneity, open mindedness, and surprise - not micromanagement.

✗ You're interested only in nearby users

Wusoup will show you nearby high-quality users if there are any to show. But the community's still very small. If the idea of chatting with someone cool in a different city/state/country doesn't seem interesting then Wusoup's probably not for you at the moment, sorry.

✗ You want a native mobile app

Wusoup works well on tablets and phones, but only as a responsive web app for the moment. Native app/s may follow, but the focus is on really nailing the core design first - and that's easiest to do as a web app while it's just me.

✗ You want video/room/group chats

Wusoup's intentionally focused on 1-on-1 text chat, sorry. Think the kinds of interactions people tend to have in this format most keep in line with Wusoup's overall objectives.

✗ You're going to be creepy / an asshole

Honestly, you'll be wasting your time.

✗ You don't think funny hats are funny


tl;dr: Wusoup's actually pretty cool.
Take a look